lay down your weapons

lay down your weapons and let us fight for that which truly matters.

fight for love by loving those who despise you.

for understanding by listening to those who disagree.

feed your enemies and forgive them.

give freely of yourself and your possessions, these are but temporary things and gifts from the universe that you cannot take with you.

by doing these things we will create the peace you have attempted by force.

let us demonstrate the things we want from others.

true peace is not created through violence.

it is a false peace based on imaginary power and fear.

the true peace comes from mutual love, respect, understanding, hope and vulnerability.

but love is the root.



When you cry “censorship,” and state your first amendment rights are being infringed upon because a business or other private entity took down your post or said you can’t say something using their platform, you’re wrong.
Is it censorship? Yes, kinda. It’s no different than you filtering your feeds and ignoring people you don’t want to hear or read. They’re filtering what and who they want to be spread using their platform. You may not agree with it, but they can “censor” you if they want.
However, they are not infringing on your 1st amendment rights. Only the government can do that. I don’t have to let you come into my house or private business or office and say whatever you like. Same with websites, social media, video platforms, learning platforms, etc. Sometimes it may be a bad or ill-informed choice, but it is their choice. Just like you can choose to go to another platform, start your own, stand on your soapbox on the corner with a megaphone and shout your message to the world.