Outward Bound Aid Station


Outward Bound Aid Station – Leadville Trail 100



Somedays I feel like the Universe hates me for no particular reason.

I just feel bad and nothing snaps me out of it.


When you cry “censorship,” and state your first amendment rights are being infringed upon because a business or other private entity took down your post or said you can’t say something using their platform, you’re wrong.
Is it censorship? Yes, kinda. It’s no different than you filtering your feeds and ignoring people you don’t want to hear or read. They’re filtering what and who they want to be spread using their platform. You may not agree with it, but they can “censor” you if they want.
However, they are not infringing on your 1st amendment rights. Only the government can do that. I don’t have to let you come into my house or private business or office and say whatever you like. Same with websites, social media, video platforms, learning platforms, etc. Sometimes it may be a bad or ill-informed choice, but it is their choice. Just like you can choose to go to another platform, start your own, stand on your soapbox on the corner with a megaphone and shout your message to the world.

internet reading v 2080709

Generation wealth: how the modern world fell in love with money

Documentary photographer Lauren Greenfield was trying to form trusting relationships with members of a Mayan tribe in Mexico in the early 1990s when she picked up a discarded copy of Bret Easton Ellis’s Less Than Zero. Before she’d finished the cult novel – which charts the parties, drug taking and sex lives of rich college kids in Los Angeles – Greenfield had decided to swap photography subjects from the Maya of Chiapas to the rich kids of her home town.

What if people were paid for their data?

“DATA SLAVERY.” Jennifer Lyn Morone, an American artist, thinks this is the state in which most people now live. To get free online services, she laments, they hand over intimate information to technology firms. “Personal data are much more valuable than you think,” she says. To highlight this sorry state of affairs, Ms Morone has resorted to what she calls “extreme capitalism”: she registered herself as a company in Delaware in an effort to exploit her personal data for financial gain. She created dossiers containing different subsets of data, which she displayed in a London gallery in 2016 and offered for sale, starting at £100 ($135). The entire collection, including her health data and social-security number, can be had for £7,000.


internet reading v 20180627 – mental health edition

Things I’ve read over the past week that I found interesting and worth sharing

This revolution in our understanding of depression will be life-transforming

Little Panic: A Literary Laboratory Exploring What It Is Like to Live in the Stranglehold of Anxiety and What It Takes to Break Free

For Depression and Anxiety, Running Is a Unique Therapy

Anthony Bourdain’s Mom Is Getting Her First Tattoo In Honor Of The Late Chef


I started walking on Wednesday mornings about a month ago with my friend Juley. She had posted a video of Chuck, The People Walker, saying how she needed him in her life. I commented I would walk with her. Since then we’ve been meeting every Wednesday morning to go for a 1.5 mile walk around a local park lake.